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With years of experience in global graduate program administration, mentorship, and speaking engagements, Dr. Audéoud has dedicated her life to empowering global Christian leaders to be God-sent influencers in their countries and communities.
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Dr. Martine Audéoud Offers Academic Leadership Training Programs and Inspiring Books on Leadership
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Books Written by Dr. Martine Audéoud

Explore Dr. Martine Audéoud's collection of inspiring books on topics such as urban transformation, women in leadership, transformational leadership, and Christian service. Read her books today to get insights on leadership and empowerment.
Contact Dr. Martine Audéoud today to collaborate on a project, learn more about the academic leadership programs that she contributes to, or book her for a speaking engagement.
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Global Christian leaders who have been empowered by Dr. Martine Audéoud's mentorship and leadership programs
“Another innovative aspect is the importance the book places on the solution of the real problem to give life. This vitalist approach is to be emphasized! This is the apotheosis of the innovative contribution of this book, which I would like to see in any library where the promotion of holistic scientific research is on the agenda. As one could say, to a shattered world a holistically appropriate remedy. Dr. Martine Audéoud's book places such a requirement before the researcher.”
Fohle L.
D.R. Congo
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“Dr. Martine Audéoud's writings have transformed my thinking about contextual transformational leadership. Her insights and practical advice have helped me to become a more effective leader in my community.”
Bekele T.
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“Dr. Audéoud’s course equipped me to be a better researcher. The skills that I learned in this course will definitely help my future research and teaching ministry.”
Wilson C.
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"Again, I must emphasize how I felt the hand of God moving in my life in Dr. Martine urging me forward through this process with an eye towards graduation in 2022.”
Lauren S.
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With years of experience in global graduate program administration, mentorship, and speaking engagements, Dr. Martine Audéoud has the expertise and knowledge to empower you to make a transformational impact in your community.

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Increase Your Credibility Through
Academic Programs

Contact Dr. Martine Audéoud to find out the best academic leadership training program that will transform you and you make more effective and credible!
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Speaking Engagements

Check out Dr. Martine Audéoud's upcoming speaking engagements and get a chance to hear her speak on topics such as women in leadership, transformational leadership, academic research, administration in higher education, accreditation in Christian higher education, and Christian service.
Speaking Engagements
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Fill out the contact form or use the contact information provided to get in touch with Dr. Martine Audéoud and start your journey towards empowered leadership.


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Women Leaders Rising Up Two Case Studies

Closer to us, Faith Mambura Ngunjiri quotes one of her friends, Ms. Kaara, “The courage comes from the spirit within . . . who empowers her to be what I am . . . the spirit gives her the capacity to pursue the truth without illusion. The spirit emboldens her within the parameters of my Christian faith to seek liberation until I die
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During this project, candidates were faced with a number of challenges: language barriers, physical and technical limitations, time management issues, fluidity of the curriculum and specific needs of their tutees. For most of the candidates, these challenges were transformed into opportunities for growth. This happened for several reasons, including pre-experience preparation, coaching during the experience and debriefing after the experience.
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Ignatian Spirituality as a Bridge to Enh

Martine Audéoud served over 30 years in Africa and Haiti. She has relocated to France and serves now as BGU's Associate Academic Dean. Her passion is to serve global Christian leaders to become increasingly empowered transformational leaders for Christ’s kingdom, serving Him creatively and joyfully. She is an ordained pastor and has served with the Mennonite Missions Network for many years.
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